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Here I am again, warming up at the start line of a new course, preparing myself for that initial sprint on January 25th when the website opens.

The first course of 2012 is the short course A174, Start Writing Fiction. Although it is a misnomer as to tell the truth I started writing fiction when I was in primary school; the first of which I remember was when I was sitting at my Grandma’s house writing a story about Superman.  Unfortunatly even then I had trouble finishing the tale; bringing my stories to a conclusion is something that has plagued me ever since, both when I’m writing and when I used to GM games.  I don’t seem to have so much trouble with short stories, fotunately.

Anyway, back to my preparations, having received the small bundle of exciting paper in the post last week I’m taking a look at how much of it I can start right now.  It advises that I should listen ot the audio CD to get an idea of some of the key areas that will be studied.  I’ve just loaded that up on my computer and track 2 has the first hurdle – “morning pages”.

Apparently “morning pages” are what one may produce upon waking up before setting about any other tasks.  Upon reaching full wakefulness one gets out of bed, sits in ones writing space and allows the words to tumble onto ones preferred writing materials.

I’m sure it’s something I’d like to try at least once, so long as it’s not on a weekday, as I would struggle to fit it into my morning schedule:

5:35 – put second alarm clock on snooze

5:40-5:45 – jump in the shower

6:00 – 6:18 – get dressed and prepare to go to work

no later than 6:22 – leave the house

6:32 – get on the train and start commuting to London

8:00 – start work

Now, I’m sure that I could probably try to do some writing in that hour and a half when I’m on the train or tube between Reading West station and Tower Hill, but frankly I barely manage to be human at that time in the morning.  Also, I have to deal with other commuters, who are all just as tired as I am and just as pushy and eager to get a seat on the train/tube.

So, as such I’m going to provisionally say “‘morning pages’ will be something I try on a weekend”.