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So, this post is specifically aimed at people who come to my blog searching for AA100 (or any other course) TMA 01, TMA 02, TMA 03, TMA 04, TMA 05, TMA 06, TMA 07 and ECA help. It also applies to anyone searching for encrypted_search_terms or my grades, marks or results.

I write this blog so that I can track my progress in my degree, keeping a note of my highs and lows, the troubles and the successes. When I started writing it I tried to set myself some guidelines, some of which can be found here, while others I have mostly kept in my head, until now.  These include:

4. Do not directly refer to how I will answer the TMA question I am working on at the moment.

5. Try not to mention the grades I have got.

One of the many hopes when I started writing this blog was that one day other students, or potential students, may stumble across it and find that they are not alone.  Someone is going through, or has been through exactly the same thing that they are – I find it reassuring to know that I’m not alone.

But, what you will not find here is the questions I answered or the answers I gave.  I’m very proud to say that all of my TMAs and ECAs have been entirely my own work and I do not intend to share them.  You will, however, find references all over the blog (including here, here and here) that discuss how easy or difficult I was finding them, or how I was faring in getting them completed.  In fact most of the posts with the “assignments” tag (see left) discuss exactly that.  Also, as my sitting on A210 was the last sitting I have discussed the exam here.

Meanwhile, with regards to my marks, I don’t actually think that it’s useful to mention exactly how I did.  In fact I wrote something along those lines here a while ago, although my expectations have become more realistic since then.  Generally I try to say how happy I am with the grade, because it doesn’t really matter how anyone else did, but if I did as well as I could have done due to my own unique circumstances.  Ultimately, I will have done as well, worse or better than you depending on each of our abilities, how much time we have for our studies and all sorts of different factors.  Assume you did better than I did, if only to boost your ego and help you get the next assignment out.

That’s not to say I haven’t slipped up and mentioned my grades at times, I am imperfect after all.

Now that is all said, I’d just like to say that I hope you are enjoying or looking forward to your Open University studies.  Overall I’ve really enjoyed the time I have spent studying with the OU.  There have been low moments when I’ve felt that there isn’t enough time to do everything I need to do, or when I’ve skipped an assignment or two.  But there have been more high points, those times when I’ve got the phrasing exactly right, or surprised myself at how much I know, they keep me going.  I still think it’s worth it, which is exactly why I’m starting my fourth module this month.

So, if you want to have a chat, leave a comment here or on any of my other posts.  If you’re looking for help, however, I’d suggest you get in touch with your tutor or regional support team – they really are much better at things like that than I am.

But most of all good luck and keep going.