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The Eager Dragon was so very excited that very soon she would be reading a book with her new friends.  But the anticipation of what might be in the book was overwhelming for the Eager Dragon and even though she knew that it would be more fun to read it in a big group she decided to sneak into the library late one night.  It was dark and quiet in the library, but the Eager Dragon found her way to the bookshelf, slid the book off the shelf and read it right there and then!

The next day the Eager Dragon wanted to tell her new friends all about the book and how much fun they would have when they read it all together, but she knew that she might spoil it for them if she did.  So the Eager Dragon tried ever so hard not to talk about it until they were ready.

She didn’t say anything about it on the first day, distracting herself with shiny crystals.

She didn’t talk about it on the second day by going to paint pictures of a town far away.

She didn’t talk about it on the third day.  Instead she wrote down all the things she wanted to talk about in her notebook, so that she could bring them up when everyone was ready.

And on the fourth day the Eager Dragon and her new friends all went to the library enjoyed the book together.

By which I mean, I’ve started doing the activities for A174, but I’m writing notes in a word file rather than posting them on the forums so that I can discuss them when we’re supposed to.  Although, in my defense, the next couple of weeks are going to be really busy, so it will be very useful for me to try to get a bit of a head start.