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So far 2012 has been a roller-coaster.  Thankfully there have been more ups than downs, but my writing and studying for A174 has most definitely fallen by the wayside.

January started badly, with the death of my great Aunt Elsie on the 2nd.  We were expecting it, she had been suffering from cancer for a fairly large part of last year, but it didn’t make it any less sad – it just meant that we were prepared.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the shock that we got on February 2nd when my Grandma died.  It was so unexpected and so close to the death of my Aunt…

Clearing out two houses in two months was very difficult, but it was while my husband and I were up north that we found out I’m pregnant.  Things have started to get better since then, most of the time the happy at the expectation of a child far outweighs the sad that my Grandma will never be able to meet it.

However, it does mean that I’ve been very distracted from my studies.  So much so that my final assignment is due next week and I still haven’t started on it, hell, I’ve not even finished reading the course material.

I think I can finish it on time.  If I try to write it tomorrow and clean it up over the following three nights, I should have something that can pass.  Which is all I need. It’s a shame that I haven’t used the course to it’s full potential, but so long as I pass I’ll still have 10 points towards a degree.

Now the only question that remains is, how on earth will I manage the next course with a new born child as well?