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September 19th has been a pretty important day in my calendar for the past three years, because it’s the anniversary of this day:

September 19, 2009

I’m the one in white at the front, with the near-black hair, next to the balding man in the fancy suit.

There’s quite a lot happening on September 19th this year.  I have three maternity appointments that morning, including a third scan to see how the wee-beastie is progressing.  After that I’ll probably head to the shop to buy some yummy food that I can cook for the balding man in the picture above… unless, of course, we decide to go out that evening.

The other thing of note on that day is that the website for A215 – Creative Writing opens up! I’m pretty excited about this – although I have to admit that the above events excite me a little bit more.  My writing has been put on the back burner quite a bit this year and as I start my maternity leave on September 14th I should be ready to start looking at it again by the 19th.

My plan is to hit the ground running on my studies, so any spare time I have on the 19th will be me getting to my marks and getting set to go with this course.

I suspect that in order to give myself enough time to learn to cope with my new bundle of joy I will need to have the first TMA written and the second TMA drafted before I go into labour.  Realistically, I’ll probably need the draft of my first TMA written by the end of September, definitely by the first week of October.  I’m due at the end of October, and the birth could happen four weeks either side of that, so I really need to be prepared to submit the TMA early!

I will definitely be apologising in advance on the forums, I know how daunting it can be when someone else is racing ahead.  However, everyone else will have a chance to catch me up, and probably overtake me, once the baby arrives and I become a nappy changing/baby feeding machine powered only by hormones and instincts.

I’m just hoping that with a massive head-start and fabulous planning I can juggle a 60-point level two university course with a brand new baby.  I somehow managed to do a course at that level while doing a full time job that required a four hour commute each day, so I guess the only barrier will be myself… and how I cope in a completely alien situation with very little sleep.