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Activity 3.3* in the Big Red Book** calls for me to write down three of a variety of things, including sounds, textures and odours for an indoor space. Now textures I can do really easily, there’s the rough carpet, smooth table, soft yarn… Sounds are also fairly easy – the washing machine is going in the background, the guinea pigs are making little wheeps and rustling their bedding as they move around their run and my fingers are making the reassuring tapping noise that tells me I’m typing.

But odours are much more difficult, I tend not to distinguish individual odours in a room, probably the only one I can identify for here is the hay in the guinea pig run.  I guess I could wander over to the fruit bowl and take a big sniff or make myself a drink to smell, but the limit of three seems a little high for that particular sense.

Ah well, back to it, I guess.

*Apologies to anyone I’m ahead of, you’ll catch me up after the bump turns into a baby.

** BRB – the workbook that is provided for the course. It can be purchased as a stand alone product here, although of course then you won’t get the OU credits, tutor support, day schools and all the other stuff that comes with signing up to the course itself.