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In some ways I was only aware how close I am to being a mum in a vaguely abstract sense, until today. I knew, in the higher functioning level of my brain, that the date of my “elective” c-section is three weeks and a day away, but I don’t think I’d fully grasped just how close that really is. However, my body decided to give me a gentle nudge to remind me just how close it all could be with some practice contractions!

After all, I reasoned, I’m booked in for the c-section now, that’s what’s going to happen, I’ll just keep on plodding along until 7:15 on that Thursday morning when I’ll jump in the car and get taken to hospital.  I didn’t realise that perhaps my body hadn’t been given the message that it doesn’t need to worry about practicing for the labour – at least not until I was walking into town from my midwife appointment and got some contraction cramps around my belly.

I was fairly certain as soon as I got them that they were only practice contractions, they fitted the description perfectly – starting in the belly area, rather than the back, being fairly close together and, most of all, only being mildly debilitating; from what I’ve heard proper contractions are very, very painful and these didn’t even reach the level of the worst period pains I’ve had.

I let my Bear know, as I sat on a church wall waiting to be comfortable enough to get moving again, and headed for a coffee shop to wait for him to start his lunch. A couple cups of fruit tea and a sandwich later the tightness in my belly had completely passed as I was feeling as normal* as I possibly could.

But this does highlight just how close everything is.  If I go into labour on Saturday, which is just three days away, I would be considered “full term” because I would be 37 weeks pregnant – and I’m not ready!  I don’t have my hospital bag(s) packed.  I don’t have any clothes for the baby yet (although one of her Grandma’s has knitted a very cute cardigan that I think is just in want of a button).  I haven’t put together the giant list of phone numbers and email addresses for Owen to use to get in touch with everyone when he needs to.  The bedroom isn’t re-arranged, the bathrooms need a good tidy and I haven’t even started the free write for my first assignment!**

So with everything looking like it could happen any minute now there is only one course of action – sort out the hospital bag(s) and carry on as normal.  No, really, that’s my plan.  After all, I’m limited in how much I can do at the moment – sure I’ll put doing housework further up the priority list than it has been the past couple of weeks – I’ve still got all of those normal* gripes to deal with.  But it may mean that my creative writing takes second place to getting the house sorted for a few days.

*It’s worth pointing out that at 36 weeks pregnant normal for me is a constant discomfort in the pelvic area and a lack of mobility – it took me two minutes to get off the sofa in the coffee shop, for example, but that’s no longer than it would have taken yesterday.

**Well, this is supposed to be a blog about how my studies are going!