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The day school yesterday was amazing.  My tutor group and tutor are all really friendly people and there’s a lot of humour in the group too.  I think I got a lot out of it – I even created a character that I now love to hate.

There was a lot of advice given out, but my favourites were:

  • first drafts are meant to be rubbish, editing is the key to good work.
  • don’t set your targets too high – aim for a reasonable 10 minutes a day of writing, rather than a daunting few hours and start with short stories, rather than a novel. Don’t try to run the metaphorical marathon until you’ve done the training for it.
  • ignore your inner critic – mine is a real bitch, she tells me I’m not good enough and that I shouldn’t even bother trying, I’m only going to listen to her when she says something that’s constructive.
  • create conflict, both within your characters and your stories.
  • an artist is not born being able to paint the Mona Lisa, they practise and learn the techniques over the course of years; the same is true for writers.

On the back of this I’ve done at least 10 minutes of writing today, despite life throwing a few obstacles in my path, and I’ve got a freewrite that I’m sure will contain at least one idea to develop for the TMA.  Tomorrow I will do another 10 minutes of writing, or more if I feel like it, and one day I’ll be able to paint a picture a pretty as the one below using only words.

Taken in December 2011, by me, with my Nikon D5100, although I can’t remember the settings.