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By pure coincidence I’m updating this blog exactly a month after my last post.  An awful lot has happened since then – the most important of which was the birth of my daughter.

I went into hospital with gestational high blood pressure the day after I wrote my last blog post, stayed there for two nights and then barely managed to finish my first TMA before going in to give birth the week after.  Obviously since the birth I’ve had other things on my mind than University work, such as “how do I stop her crying?” and “do I have time to get a shower/nap/meal before she wakes up?”; I’ve only started returning to the Uni work this week.

Luckily I’m not as far behind as I thought I might get, I haven’t started the fiction writing section of the big read book, but if I do chapter five this week, six and seven next week and eight and nine the following week I’ll be caught up with the schedule.  I’ve already got an idea for the second TMA, so I can focus my writing for the exercises around that.

I was really happy with my grade for the first TMA, hopefully with some careful planning and a bit of handing the baby to the husband if she isn’t hungry so I can do some University work I’ll be able to improve on it for the second TMA.

Oh, and here’s a picture of the two of us shortly after the birth – she’s already grown a lot and I can’t believe she’ll be three weeks old tomorrow!

Me and my daughter, her name is Tessa.