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Being a full-time care giver to a tiny, beautiful, eating and pooping creature that has half of my genetic code is taking up a lot more time than I expected.  I have not managed to start properly catching up with my studies and my tutor’s advice that I should have the second assignment written by the end of the month is very, very scary!

I have an idea for the story for TMA02, I have set up a folder for it in Scrivener, so that I can make all of my notes on the computer rather than in my notebook – typing is much easier than writing when you are cuddling/breastfeeding the offspring.  I have started doing research on it.  I have very blurry ideas for some of the characters, most of which are archetypes at the minute.

What I don’t have is time to do any of the activities in the Big Red Book and write my TMA.  Also, the BRB is far too big to read while cuddling/breastfeeding the offspring.

This means I have to change my tactics.  I am only going to read the BRB and accept that the activities will have to wait until I have time to do them – that will probably happen when I’m 35!  To make sure I can read the BRB I have downloaded it as a PDF on my phone and my computer.  All other University work will be focused on my TMA and getting the story planned and written, possibly not for the end of the month, but definitely as soon as I can so that I have several weeks to edit it before the deadline.

As a separate note, the offspring is a month old today and already so much bigger than when she was born.  There are both wonderful and difficult things every day; she has been getting colic in the evenings, which is very tiring for all three of us, but when she falls asleep in my arms, looks me right in the eyes or gives me a gassy smile she brings me huge amounts of joy.  I’ve been able to get out of the house a lot more this week and I’ve had adult company (other than the lovely husband), which had made me feel more human – it really is amazing to see friends, even if I mostly talk about how often she’s feeding!