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My poor wee bear has been suffering from trapped wind / colic.

It’s a horrible cycle of trying to get all the wind out straight after a feed, thinking I’ve managed it and getting her to sleep for half an hour (at most) before she wakes up in distress because her poor little tummy hurts, followed by what seems like an age of walking her around the living room trying to find the one position that she finds comfortable and get as much of the wind out as I can.  When she’s finally settled again I might get twenty minutes of sitting down time before her next feed and the cycle starts again.

I’ve been lucky in that most of the time it has only affected her in the day time, usually (last night being one of the exceptions) after her midnight feed she goes down pretty easily and will sleep for a long time without the wind causing her distress.

However, this does not allow for much time for studying.  I have a minor solution, getting her to go to sleep by holding her tummy-to-tummy helps the wind; my body heat relieves the pain for her, much as a hot water bottle would help you if you had trapped wind, and gives her some much needed sleep – sometimes towards the end of the colic cycle she’ll be crying because she’s overtired.  I’ve found that getting her to sleep in this position for a whole between feeds cycle can make a huge difference, often she’ll get real sleep in a bed for the next between feeds cycle after she’s had a tummy-to-tummy sleep.

So, for now, I’m trying to write what I can on my laptop with a sleepy dragon attached to my chest:

Mummy and baby bear, as seen by my webcam.

Mummy and baby bear, as seen by my webcam.

Any other work on my assignment will have to be done on Saturday, when I’ve asked Daddy bear to be in charge of everything except feeds so I can have a day off.