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3ish am – wake refreshed after decent sleep to feed the little dragon.  Send picture of the wee one to a webcomic author in the hope that he’ll give me free stuff because she’s so cute, mostly as a joke.

6ish am – shattered for this feed, give her to Daddy to burp and settle, go back to sleep straight away.

7:30ish am – baby wakes me up complaining of wind, I’m exceedingly tired, finally accept that she won’t settle back down and that I’m going to have to get up.  Cuddle baby while Bear showers, hand her over so I can shower and dress.  I get the impression that my idea for my TMA is flat and lacks character.

9am – she’s still grumpy, I give her a feed because she’s trying to eat her hands.

9:30-12:00 – baby entertainment, including walking, singing.  My new Kindle turns up, when she’s napping in my arms I buy books for it and read some Jane Eyre.

12:00-13:00 – Bear is home for lunch, I’m feeding the little one, he burps her then goes back to work.

13:00-15:30 – I try her on the playmat, she doesn’t like it so I spend an hour baby walking/soothing.  When she finally settles in my arms I get some internet time and  read the Guardian on my shiny new Kindle.  When she is fully asleep I try to put her into the Moses basket, but she fidgets and wakes up crying.  I pick her up and get her settled for all of 10 or 20 minutes before she wakes up trying to eat my t-shirt, so I give her a feed.

16:00-18:00 – She falls asleep while I’m burping her, I move her into a more comfy position on my chest, decide it’s not worth trying to put her in the Moses basket and work around her.  Read some more of the Guardian and wonder if I should somehow make my story an allegory of the current Egypt situation, decide against it. I get the TMA up to 449 words and realise that I’ve spent them trying to describe a bedroom!

18:00-18:30 – my dinner time, I have to eat one handed.  Work out that 2,200 words is only really enough for a single detailed scene and that the stuff I’ve written already probably isn’t going to be part of the scene I end up using.

18:30-19:30 – give baby to husband to start writing blog.

19:30-20:00 – have trouble feeding, finish blog while husband trying to settle daughter.