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I have to admit that I’m mildly surprised that I have managed to submit my TMA on time.  The wee bairn was taking up a lot of time and basically the only way I manged to get it done was due to my husband looking after her for almost all of the Christmas week while he was on holiday from work.

I’m pretty happy with the story, but my commentary will bring my marks down.  I haven’t included any evidence from my writers notebook, or from forums, and I haven’t referenced the BRB or any stories I’ve read.  But I’m pretty happy to have submitted it on time and I’m really looking forward to the poetry section, so long as I get enough time to do it!

*I read a lot of Dick King-Smith’s lovely books as a kid, including Babe, from which I have stolen a quote.  I suspect that Babe and Charlotte’s Web, along with a visit to a farm when I was in year 4, contributed to my love of pigs.

This is really worth a read. Picture from http://www.randomhouse.com/kids/dickkingsmith/books/