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I’ve signed up for my next two courses. After the craziness of studying a level two course while also learning how to be a parent I’ve decided to give myself a mini break in the next academic year, sort of.

I’ll be starting T189 Digital Photography in October, which is a 10 week, 10 point course. I’ll then study A151 Making Sense of Things in April, which is a 30 point course and along with T189 and the two 10 point courses I’ve completed (A174 and Y160) will give me the 60 points of free study I need.

I’m returning to work on Monday, so it makes sense for me to go back to mop up these 40 points at level one while I work out how to juggle work, a one year old and my degree. Then it’s onto level three in 2014 and my degree should be complete at the end of the 2015-16 academic year!